Merry Christmas 2020

Hi everyone. Well, 2020 is coming to an end. There’s been many challenges this year that came in different forms. With the challenges came changes.

When a storm comes, clouds form and the sky gets darker and darker. And then it hits. The length of a storm varies, but after the storm there is a freshness, a washing of sorts, of nature and civilization. Where once there was dirt, grime, and heaps of leaves, now there are flowers pushing their way through all that to reach up and bloom with an array of color and foliage. Even streets look brighter. They have been changed by a storm.

Through this storm may we be changed and emerge with a freshness, a renewed passion for the life we have been called to as children of God. He is speaking to us! I ask myself and each of you “are we listening?”

Christmas may be different this year, not large gatherings, but the meaning and the focus has not changed. Emmanuel, God With Us.  Jesus left all of glory and came to be our Redeemer, giving us life eternal through his death, burial. and resurrection. We can REJOICE in that truth and celebrate our life in Him.  

We love each one of you and wish you A Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.