HOPE. It is something we all want and need…yet so many don’t have it. I was counted among that number. I want to simply share how I have hope. Maybe right now you can relate. My life had ups and downs – things happened I just did not understand. Hurts, loss and disappointment. Even now things happen I don’t understand but I have hope. How? Through the love of the Cross. God reached down through His Son and told me, “I love you” and offered me life in Him. I came to realize things I did were wrong in God’s eyes and I needed Him. No matter how much wrong I had done He would welcome me just as I was into His family. That alone was mind blowing. I accepted God’s offer of love and forgiveness and now, even though things occur I don’t understand, I have hope and His Name is JESUS. Maybe you have questions. Maybe you want to know more. Please call 803-359-2681 and ask for Pastor Jeff, Pastor Mike or Pastor Matt. #hope