Game of Life

You know everyone makes a big deal over the super bowl. Well the game of life is not once a year but each day. I want to give a shout out to all parents who are everyday trying to instill values into the lives of their children. It can be overwhelming at times and those who are single parents feel that even more. You start with a foundation and then you build on it everyday in some way that encourages them to respect others and themselves.

Building core life values ensuring the foundation is strong. Let’s face it we all need help to navigate this parenting race and take care of this wonderful new and precious life that has been entrusted to us.

Those parents who have a personal relationship with Jesus have Him in their corner and they can call on Him anytime and look to Him for guidance and wisdom and discernment. It is not easy. The world throws everything it can at them and you as you desire to bring them up in the right way. It takes perseverance and courage to stand against all the shouts of the world. You have one of the hardest and most rewarding positions.

On those days when you feel battle worn remember you can stand on truth and against evil and they will learn and stand also. Will there be times in your parenting that you get it wrong? Yes, but with God’s grace and strength you can stay the course and run the race. You are super stars!


The WM Team