Tenth Round

textgram_1567990028Is your well empty?  Is it just a sprinkle and not free flowing? Are you tired, not physically but spiritually? Not tired or weary of doing good but tired of stuff? You’ve been in the boxing ring so long with just short breaks you feel you are in the tenth round barely standing – and the enemy is poised with a right hook ready to land it on your jaw and down you go for the count. Ever been there?  We all have!  As a parched garden perks up and produces its fruit once it receives life giving water, so it is with our soul. If a farmer neglects his garden, it will dry up and the fruit withers. If we neglect the garden of our soul, then we become parched and there is nothing to offer our LORD and give to others.

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God? ~ Psalm 42:2         

 We can be doing good things – sitting with someone at the hospital, visiting someone who is ill or have lost a loved one, helping with a mission project. The list could go on but the answer to the tenth round no matter how we arrived there is to stop, call on Jesus, and drink! Maybe you have just been sipping from THE WELL and now you need an IV inserted to let it run into you.

When I was little I use to crawl up on my mama’s lap and lean back into her arms. Can you picture yourself crawling up into your heavenly Fathers lap, leaning back into his arms, and allowing Him to refresh you by breathing Him in? Sitting quietly with Him, confessing, and then life giving water being poured into you. You STAND firmly now in that tenth round and the enemy is sent on his way.

Father, how we thank you and are grateful that you are just a whisper away when we find ourselves in the tenth round. Thank you that you LORD are in that boxing ring with us. Just as the boxer must sometimes be reminded to pay attention to his everyday thoughts and ways, so it is with us. LORD we know no matter how we got to the tenth round YOU can take it and grow us so we can continue to produce fruit for You and Your kingdom. In the precious name of Jesus this is lifted to you. Amen!


The WM Team